Victor Chandler bookmaker Review 2020

Victor Chandler is the famous global bookmaker which was founded in 1946, in 2002 they made the jump into the online poker industry.

In seven decades of bookmaking, Victor Chandler has learned many things but perhaps nothing more important than the need for constant change and innovation in an industry that continues to expand year by year.

Victor Chandler’s love of sport is underlined by its continual commitment to high profile major events throughout the calendar. Victor Chandler was the official bookmaker to the 2002 Ryder Cup and has in the past acted as the official sponsor to golf’s European Tour and several major tournaments.

Within this site, you’ll find a massive array of betting and gaming opportunities on all major sports betting including football, horse racing, golf, greyhound racing, rugby, cricket, snooker, NFL, NHL, NBA, college football and baseball.

Victor Chandler is a recognizable face on British racecourses. The ‘VC’ brand is very popular on the web, with a VC BET and VCCasino alongside this, every increasingly popular, Victor Chandler Poker room.

The Victor Chandler website has undergone a transformation as the new ‘VC’ brand was brought in.