What is Internet Gambling?

Internet gambling (or online gambling) is any kind of gambling activity performed on the Internet. It includes such games as a casino, poker, sports betting, lottery, and more.

Why internet gambling should be legal?

Because it brings our country fame and money as taxes. It was also that making something illegal doesn’t stop it from happening (and sometimes makes it even worse). That’s why the UK Gambling Commission regulates whole gambling (land-based and Internet-based), which makes it transparent business.

Countries where internet gambling is legal?

Different countries restrict internet gambling at all. But several countries from the EU, including the UK, several nations from the Caribbean, few states of the USA, couple of provinces from Canada treat gambling like the rest of legal businesses.

How to stop internet gambling addiction?

We would highly recommend contacting such organizations like GamCare, BeGambleAware. Those companies are experts when it comes to solving such essential questions.

When did the internet gambling start?

Internet gambling starts to appear in the early 1990s. In the times, most of the land-based casinos and bookmakers decided to expand their businesses to a whole new niche on the Internet.