Raceclubs.com – Review of the betting site

Raceclubs.com offers you the unique chance to proudly own, train, and race your very own stable of virtual horses for real winnings.

A virtual horse racing interactive game where you can own, train and race your own virtual horses against other members for real prize money! Join Now and live out your fantasy! Welcome to the lucrative world of online horse racing at Raceclubs.com!

What do you think an owner feels on Derby day? Be a part of the RaceClubs.com experience and share in that blood stirring race action. You are in the hot seat as you race to beat other Raceclubs.com players, in the chase for the lucrative cash.

Don’t wait fur-long –your champion racehorse awaits!

Raceclubs.com is virtually identical to flesh-and-blood horseracing, except it all happens online. You conduct the whole management of a racing stable from the comfort of your office or home. You have the power to develop your virtual horses to peak racing fitness by training them twice daily and choosing between various performance-enhancing products and services.

You will race against thousands of other Raceclubs.com members’ horses, racing not only for the prestige of victory but also for loads of real prize winnings!