Info about Spread Betting online in the UK 2020

1st Goal Scored
You can make a bet for the number of minutes before the first goal. If the market is quoted at 34-36 mins then that’s the time the Spreaders are expecting the first goal to be scored. Buyers of the spread want a late goal (if any), sellers want a very early goal.

Total Goals Scored
The total goals scored in a game. If a match ends 4-1 then Total Goals = 5. Buyers of the spread want a lot of goals, and the sellers want very few.

Supremacy is means how much one team is superior to the other. The market for Chealse v Liverpool maybe 0.9 – 1.1, meaning that Chelsea is expected to win by at least 1 goal.

Player Shirt Number
If player number 6 and player number 15 both score a goal then the total will be 21. This spread market can be either on the same team or for both teams. Buyers of the spread want players to score with high shirt numbers, sellers want low shirt numbers or preferably no goals at all

Bookings During Match
The total number of points based on bookings. Yellow cards are given 10 points, Red cards 25 points. Buyers want a dirty match with a harsh referee, sellers want a clean and fair game.

Total Corners During Match
The total amount of all corners in a match

Team Corners During Match
The total amount of corners earned by just an individual team

Player Goal Minutes
How many minutes until an individual player scores a goal.

Offsides During Match
The total amount of offsides given during a match.