Best Internet gambling sites in the UK in 2020. Top list from TGW

At The Games Wizard, we collect a lot of useful information about internet gambling sites. Here you will find answers to the most popular questions from the British players:

  • What is the best online casino or bookmaker?
  • Is internet gambling legal in the UK?
  • How to choose the website for internet gambling?

And much more! Here at TGW, we think that everyone needs to have one place where they can find legit and reliable information. So that’s why we created this website with the help of the gambling experts from the UK.

Best TOP 3 internet casino sites

Feel free to visit each internet casino. You can choose for yourself where you would prefer to settle down and begin your game. You may even decide to open accounts with several sites. It is free to join all of the UK online casinos listed above. Besides, you are also free to download their Apps for iOS or Android; or, play a no-download Flash version of their free casino games.

Popular casino software providers

And let’s take a look at popular casino software providers. What’s the difference between them? What makes them so accessible? What software should you pick for your internet gambling experience?


NetEnt casino: Internet gambling with Net Entertainment in the UK 2020

This is the market leader in slot machines. With games such as Starburst and the NetEnt Rocks series featuring various music legends, this game provider has set the tone for its competitors. If you want to count, you have to innovate, and NetEnt knows this like no other. For a few years now, this provider has set up a live casino that is certainly not doing it a disservice. All games are easy to use and set up similarly, so you don’t have to guess how a game works for a long time. Well thought out by the founder of one of the biggest casinos.


Great casino software provider for British internet casinos

This provider claims to have set up the first real online casino in 1994. Whether this is true can’t be verified, but it doesn’t matter. What do matters is that these developers offer a lot of progressive jackpot games? This means that the revenues of different casinos are added up in the same game. Besides, the jackpot sum can be very high. This is ideal for the jackpot fanatics among us. Besides slot machines and prizes, Microgaming offers a wide range of other games. Besides, the Microgaming brand is one of the most secure software providers for every internet casino in the UK.


Quickspin software for the UK internet casinos

Even though of Swedish origin, like NetEnt, Quickspin is starting to gain more and more ground. With beautiful graphics in games like Wild Chase, Sakura Fortune, and Pied Piper, this developer shows that he belongs with the big boys. Try out your free spins on one of this provider’s vending machines, and you’ll be amazed.

Play’N Go

Play'n Go software for the UK internet casino players

By default, this provider offers all games in 30 different languages. Besides, the games can be personalized per casino. After all, this provider understands that only good graphics and a high RTP are not enough to bind players to you. Being able to play in your language and having the feeling that a game is unique bits of help. In any case, we prefer to play Imperial Opera, Gold King, Big Win Cat, and Reactoonz.


Yggdrasil software for secure gambling in the UK

Set up by the creators of NetEnt, Yggdrasil offers, in our opinion, a different concept. The graphics are of the same caliber but slightly different, making it possible to appeal to a diverse target group. Try the immensely popular series Chibeasties or the somewhat older Golden Fish Tank. The animations keep you captivated, and you also have a chance to win great prizes.

As you can see, there are a lot of game providers that each have their advantages. There are many more than we have discussed, but these are the most important. Our personal favorite is NetEnt and especially the game Thief. Number two is Quickspin with Wild Chase, and number three is Yggdrasil with Golden Fish Tank. But don’t let our opinions guide you, because there is so much choice. And the taste in a slot machine is almost as personal as that of a perfume. We want to help you on your way so you can see the forest despite the trees.

Best TOP 3 internet betting sites

The World of Sports betting has got to be the biggest sporting arena, every day in some parts of the world a sporting event is taking place. Whether it is a horse meeting in Haydock or England vs Brasil in the world cup finals – people enjoy sports betting.

These days, many internet sports betting companies (bookmakers) find it hard to keep ahead of the competition. And usually, they make a real grasp of the market. The Games Wizard has brought a selection of the best online sports betting companies, who we think are among the best.

With sports betting hitting its maturity on the internet, you must appreciate the importance of internet sports betting online. The Games Wizard will try to help you. Take a look at some of the sports betting sites above; if you take your time before choosing, you can find the sports betting site that best suits you and your needs.

How to choose the best gambling site in the UK?

Many things can recognize reliable gambling sites. If you are a novice gambler from the UK, you don’t know where to look yet. I’m sure you’re familiar with the proverb: “can’t see the wood for the trees.” But TGW is a bit more experienced in the big gambling world.

The gambling industry is continuously evolving, and doors are being closed (even from reliable gambling sites). There are plenty of online gambling sites that get fines from the UK Gambling Commission. Yet all of them are very reliable.

Licenses and different marks from testing agencies

License numbers and seals of approval are placed at the bottom of the main page of internet gambling sites (if in possession). Responsible gambling websites are also regularly referred to. With the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) behind us, we are all too happy that a gambling site pays a lot of attention to protecting players from gambling addictions. Being a problem gambler is not fun, and we will not support it. Gamble in moderation and seek help if you experience symptoms associated with a gambling addiction. You can also find more information about this on our website.

Bonuses and their terms and conditions

Internet casino bonuses are a popular part of UK gambling sites. The top 3 gambling sites on this page will always apply the right conditions to the rewards. They will have to be unlocked with a particular wager with a maximum of 30x or 35x or 40x, which is very profitable. To wager internet casino bonus in the quickest way is the primary goal of every gambler who play with bonuses. Of course, great promotions will also be offered all the time to take advantage of cash bonuses, loyalty programs, slots, tournaments, and more.

Deposit and withdrawal options in most reliable UK gambling sites

The options for depositing money must, of course, be safe. It’s your hard-earned money you’re gambling with. If you want to deposit on internet gambling sites, it is advisable to check which payment options are available. This is shown on pages such as Banking, Cashier, or Payments.

Payments must also be made carefully. The top gambling sites you will find here all have the most popular methods like PayPal. It is the most commonly used method for online money transactions in the UK, and it is affiliated with every bank. You can deposit money quickly and safely through secure connections and also through your bank in a trusted environment. Options such as PaySafeCard, Skrill, Credit Cards, Neteller, and Bank Transfer are also supported.

What is Internet gambling in the UK

All internet gambling involves risking losing something while placing a bet on an outcome based on pure chance. Something of value can be money, but it is also possible that you can bet an asset such as a car, tablet, or real car while gambling. Gambling games with outcomes based on pure chance include slot machines, scratch cards, keno, roulette, and much more. Remember that if something is missing, it is not part of gambling.

History of online gambling in the UK

Legal internet gambling in the UK

The Betting and Gaming Act of 1960 made it possible for commercial bingo halls to operate in the UK for the first time. Betting offices were legalized on 1 May 1961, and up to 10,000 of them were opened in the first six months. Under the new review procedures of the 1960 Betting and Gaming Act, betting offices had to set up premises, pay staff, and “work honestly.” Most street bookmakers were unable to meet these requirements. Some of the most famous bookmakers were initially reluctant to open betting shops due to the many restrictions and the required start-up capital. It wasn’t until the 1980s that betting shops improved and offered a more comfortable and welcoming environment with seats and TV sets to broadcast the races and refreshments.

The Gaming Act of 1968 adopted rules for the construction of commercial casinos with table games. With the advent of the internet, gambling legislation was updated by the Betting and Gaming Act 1981, which imposed restrictions on the operation and advertising of distance gambling in the UK. As more and more people went online to gamble and therefore, more and more gambling sites were created to meet this demand, they were primarily considered legal in the UK. However, there was no specific gambling legislation that established the legality of online gambling until 2005.

Internet gambling: Pros and Cons

Are gambling sites in the UK legal?

Gambling on the internet in the UK in 2020
Internet gambling: Is it legal in the UK in 2020?

Online gambling has become more and more popular, and not everyone lives within a reasonable distance to a land-based casino so they choose to visit an online casino, online poker room, online slots, or sports betting sites. The truth is, most of these internet gambling sites are fair and honest but there are some which don’t play by the rules.

UK internet gambling – is totally legal!

As a UK resident, you can entirely rely on gambling in one of the safest and most regulated gambling markets since the UK has one of the strictest regulatory systems in the world. The UK Gambling Commission reviews all license applicants. It ensures that all operators comply with applicable rules and regulations and that all bonuses and other promotional offers are presented in a manner that is not misleading or ambiguous.

The strict rules affect all internet gambling operators, but you need to know that all UK residents over the age of 18 can safely play online as it is allowed by law. To avoid fraud and abuse, see if the online casino is licensed by the UKGC or another agency on its whitelist.

If you feel that a gaming operator is mistreating you, you can contact one of the resolution providers approved by the UK Gaming Authority. It is also useful to know that many organizations in the UK offer help and support in compulsive gambling and addiction. Another benefit for you as a UK gambler is that gambling winnings in the UK are not considered taxable income. So you are exempt from any tax on winnings that you get from betting or playing. The government taxes operators, but this does not affect you as a customer.

TGW mission

The Games Wizard will try and provide you with an insight into online casinos, online poker rooms, online slots, or sports betting sites and how to use them. TGW will also help you find the best operators with the best and biggest jackpots.

All the online casinos, online poker rooms, online slots, or sports betting sites featured here are approved by The Games Wizard himself!

The Games Wizard is a Review website, besides, this site is a one-stop source for timely and relevant casino ratings and internet betting information. Our updated online casino directory listed here is a collective resource of the best online casinos in operation, which are all backed by excellent player ratings and flawless reputations within the booming online gambling industry.

Gambling Tips from The Games Wizard

Internet gambling in the UK in 2020
Internet gambling tips and tricks for the British players in 2020

Knowing the rules isn’t enough these days. Listen to The Games Wizard if you want to play and win more efficient. No matter what game you play, when it comes to internet gambling, your chances of winning will be based partly on luck and partly on skill. So why not pick up some helpful tips that may improve your chances. Whether you’re a novice gambling or a long time expert, there’s always something new to be learned, so read on to find out some great tips.


  • Always set a budget and stick to it before playing any game.
  • It is also advisable to set yourself a profit target amount and make
  • it reasonable when playing online casino.
  • Try to quit while you are ahead. This feeling is excellent, and you are more likely to win again next time you play.
  • And if when you lose your set limit, decide carefully before playing any more, you can always come back tomorrow.
  • Do not borrow or lend money for internet gambling.
  • Always read the rules on any online casino or poker site properly and check the terms and conditions.
  • Test the customer service response before you sign up, you can make a phone call or even send them an email with a question and see how they take to respond.
  • Most internet gambling sites have reviews, always check them first.
  • Always be suspicious of anything that sounds too good to be true. It probably is.
  • Money management is more important than any game itself.


  • Never be afraid to bet. Only bet what you can afford.
  • Never drink and bet.
  • Never gamble when feeling tired.
  • Never increase your bets to try to recover losses.
  • Never risk more than the limit you have set yourself.
  • When you do win a lot, never think gambling is easy. It may feel that way, but it never the case.

These casinos do offer you some incentives to buy chips for the first time. Always take time and read up on the latest offers they provide.

You can always come back to our site and try any other online casinos until you find the one that you like. Besides, you can check the rating list – best online casinos UK.

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